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Originally Posted by The Dampener View Post
Mike, this is off topic, but I too suffered from golfer's elbow, for 18 months. That's what got me using multis as well. I hope you're evaluating your technique to help prevent further injury and not just relying on soft strings.

I played for 4 years in high school taking about 1 private lesson per week along with some group lessons. Never had any elbow pain then. I played 5 years as an adult before I got GE. While I doubt I have perfect technique, my strokes are fairly orthodox.

It actually started as acute triceps tendinitis for about a year which I got from just hitting one first serve too hard with a very light/stiff racket. It did not just develop over time like many here have reported. The GE showed up about 9 months later.

After my ultrasound/electrostimulation therapy, the triceps pain went away but the GE has always reminded me that it is not ready to go without a fight.

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