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Originally Posted by SteveI View Post
8 Hours is quite fast for me. I break other 17Gs in 15 hours or so.. or they go dead. X-1.. I got about 15 hours, OG 17..about the same. Since in was one string job... not really enough data to conclude that the Rip 17 will not hold up for me. However, many have reported that as you say the "RIP 16 is way more durable than 17". Still at $6.00 a set..worth the effort to try both. Since I string my own.. and like to do a hybrid with syn gut, a string job is appox $4.00. Well worth the effort for a string that works for me.

Thanks again..
I've had my RIP 17g in for about 14hrs of play time on 2 racquets and have just started to see a little fraying. Seems to me to be almost as durable as a poly which I have heard others mention, unfortunately I have to cut it out cause my Redcode is dead, RC mains RIP crosses, my only problem w the RIP is the lack of power for a multi, it really is more like a hybrid string between multi and poly IMO.
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