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I'd offer a total strung price for each...and list a separate labor charge for customers with their own string. I'd also limit the number of price points; say, in $5 increments after tournament nylon. Ex. Labor only, tournament nylon, synthetic, premium syn or poly and then 'super' synthetics...$10, $13, $15, $20, $25. Make it easy for the client rather than have them wondering why one string is two dollars more, the next one dollar more, the next two dollars more, etc. Deal in categories of string, rather than specific 'names'. That way a customer can say "Give me a good synthetic that you recommend" @ $15, and you have 2-3 to offer. You want a better poly string? Fine, that's $20. Let them know there is a real difference, not just $1 here and there. Wouldn't hurt to have a higher end price point that is slightly better than competitive rates; say, Lux or similar @ $30 compared to thirty-plus. That way, the customer doesn't feel they are buying the 'most expensive' string available when they get a premium synthetic.
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