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Reminder to all: Parker512 is 13 y.o. and has no real experience.

Nothing against the OP, but Ash is right on the similarity to other pages. There seems to be a small collection of new "stringing businesses" popping up. I'm relatively new to TT, but I wonder how often this happens.

As I noted in another post, you have to be careful with this, "There are now low cost alternatives for those professional prices!" kind of stuff. It is sort of like saying, "alternatives to professionals." Most of the pro stringers on here describe their prices as what I think are reasonable. I don't know your market, but I do hope you have adequate experience to be calling yourself an "alternative." Aside from general experience, they have certifications that address quality and proper techniques.

Also, if the stringing prices in your area aren't realistically "outrageous," I don't favor anyone undercutting the market rate. If you get a decent number of customers, you'll have to produce at a decent rate. Hopefully, you have the skills to do that without loss of quality.

True players will have questions on experience and quality issues. Aside from the stringing, they are putting an expensive piece of hardware in your hands. They'll probably also notice the "markup" on the string.
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