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I've been following Emira on Youtube for a year or two, and am mystified as to why she's not played matches, yet. Surely the desire to play tennis is about the game itself. Otherwise it's a sad mix of parental ambitions, fear of the real risk of failure (where all the real learning is done on the court) and the inevitable result she ends up a mechanical player without a mental game. You can be sure Federer, Murray and Nadal played tournaments first, and endured a regimental coaching regime later, to better their game. I would place every cent I had on Emira not making it while she's kept in her barn hitting balls like a back-firing ball machine. She obviously has great talent, but so do thousands of other juniors who never 'make it', because their mental game was stunted by over-protective and/or over-ambitious parents avoiding matches they never wanted their 'puppets' to play.
Who ever said anything about "making" it. Define "making it"??

Regardless of tournys results, she's got some skills.
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