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As others on this site have pointed out before, there are hundreds of these you tube phenoms ' the next Venus and Serena, the next female Federer and on and on. Give me a break, until they experience match competition and all that goes with it, the emotional roller coaster. Facing opponents with a refuse to lose attitude, raw talent and addressing different shots that a coach feeding standard balls in a (at least) controlled environment can't duplicate.

I don't care how astute the guy sounds on the video with all his tennis philosophy, everybody gives the same advice to their kid in one way or the other, its what they have on the inside that counts.

lol Easy tiger... She's only 12 so I think she has some time left in her. Also I read that she does play practice matches with local college girls. I know its not the same but atleast its not 100 percent fed balls like you claim. Everyone seems to know everything but we see nothing.
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