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Hi I don't want to get into a back and forth dialogue with you, that's why I prefer to sit back and read all these post and not reply to them. But I guess I kinda got fed up with all the next Serena and Venuses out there and I apologize. I'm not a expert on junior tennis not even close. But it seems as though accomplished junior tennis girls, Brook Austin, Mayo Hibi, Carolyn Xie, Gabrielle Andrews, and Christina Makarova don't see the need to post themselves on you tube and claim they will be the next female Roger Federer. I don't think there is any thing wrong with it. I really cant criticize a parent or coach for doing what he or She thinks is best for their kids. We all agree she has a lot of time as well as the aforementioned girls, but don't you think a fair asessment would be if she had some results in junior competition?

Again, who said anything about Serena or Venus? Also have you even seen Serena or Venus when they were 12??? Not even close to the same player they turned out to be.
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