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Originally Posted by klu375 View Post
I was tempted to mention Caroline Xie but others have already jumped in.
The Emira's video is titled "The best forehand in women's game". But you know what - Caroline Xie has a better forehand. But she also has a better backhand drive and slice. And she has great transition game and net game. And she is a great defender and counter-puncher. And she can pull opponents to the net and eat them alive there. And she has a decent first serve and very very good kick second serve. And I saw her match when she did exactly 2 unforced errors playing attacking tennis. But wait, there is more. She has a very high tennis IQ. During warm-up against unknown opponent she conducts real research and comes up with a game plan. So she may play totally different against opponent A and opponent B. She is 13. On the negative side she sometimes may be frustrated and lose her cool.
So there is a little bit of competition for the "next woman Federer" title or rather next Henin title. I doubt that Emira can do half of what Caroline can do on the court.
... and not many can have half the resources that Caroline has to work with.
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