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Originally Posted by ofcr17601 View Post
Hi TennisCoach I respect your opinion and advise on junior tennis. But don't you think at some point in all this character counts. Maria Shiskina shakes her fist and and shouts at her opponents nearly after every point. She questions obvious line calls made by her opponents and gets involved in verbal arguments with referees. One reviewer posted here we go again another obnoxious tennis kid. This type of behavior his taught by Coaches, Parents and institutions. I observed her Mother and Coach enthusiastically encouraging this type of behavior. May be I'm going overboard , but I think every thing is relative as in life. Sports don't make character, they reveal it. To be honest I don't respect the Coaches, parents and institutions( Nick Bolleterri) that teach this type of behavior.

I have to agree with you there. Maria Shiskina seems like a very obnoxious kid.

I hate to see little kids behave that way.
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