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Hi guys, I did a little research on Tennis of some of the top 13 and 14yr olds in the country. Brook Austin has won just about everything there is to win since the age of ten. She participated in the U.S.Open this year at only 14yrs of age. This Summer she won a National level II 18's tourney and beat the #girl in the country 1 and 0!

One reviewer mentioned earlier, that no girl has a attacking game like Mayo Hibi. Shes also ranked very high Nationaly in the 18's. A proven winner, she either makes the finals or wins in just about every tourney she enters. She is ranked #2 in So Cal 18's.

Gabrielle Andrews is ranked #10 in the country in the 18's and is only 13yrs old. She won singles and doubles in Teen Tennis earlier this year in England. She then made quarter finals in France and won doubles with Brook Austin in the prestigous La Petit AS. Also participated in the U.S. Open.

Christina Makarova may turn out to be the best of them all, already won two ITFS this year, most recent in Canada.

These girls are proven winners, however nobody really acknowledges their efforts and accomplisments. Thay have proven credentials and potential. But their parents dont post them up on you tube and declare they are the next this or that. But I think their Parents prefer it that way.
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