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Not that I totally disagree with you, I do agree that playing and competing is good. I just don't understand why it matter so much to you with certain girls. So what if their parents scream it from the mountain tops that they have the next #1 player in the world. There are many different paths being taken and not one is the proven cookie cutter way. Kids are different, families are different, needs are different. I'm sure you know exactly what your kid needs at any give time - and trust me, this will change many times over the course of your path in getting him/her to the top. We have to assume that the parents of these kids are doing what they feel is best for them. And by the way - there are many top girls that became successful without playing USTA juniors - not just Venus and Serena - Maria Sharapova, Monica Seles (played very little). In fact, I have seen some of your posts where you stated that the top of the 10's, 12's, 14's, etc almost never make it as a pro. These girls are all still very young and have plenty of time to train and play. Just because they didn't compete in the 10's and 12's doesn't necessarily mean that they will not compete in ITF's . More and more parents are becoming frustrated with the USTA and would rather not play.
Not to mention taking into account for the type of game being taught to them. If they are being taught to have a big serve, big groundies, big weapons, etc then - as you have stated before - this will not translate at the junior level. I'll be anxiously awaiting your thoughts about this when your kid starts to compete.
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