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Originally Posted by tennis-silver View Post
Yes, your correct, you did say that - sorry.

Can you post the Williams' junior record?
Serena was 46-3 and ranked #1 in her age group when Richard pulled her from juniors.

Venus was 63-0 and ranked #1 in the 12s when she stopped juniors.

So my point is that if these parents think the Williams bypassed juniors they are wrong. They were hardened competitors before they were pulled and even after that never ducked a practice match against the very best girls.

Same with Sharapova....she didn't chase rankings but did play lots of junior tournaments around Florida. She would work her way through the draws. At 13 she won the Eddie Herr 16s. So she did play her share of other top juniors.

The girls who grow up overseas play the ITF tournaments. So I am curious as to how these girls do who will try to jump right into competition on the pro level without entering any junior tournies of note.

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