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it seems odd that they would not want to measure their progress every 2 years or so by playing a tournament or two. Now I understand the Williams family did this kind of measuring. I am skeptical this family is not taking this route. I am also skeptical after seeing some of the youtube videos of the 15 year old boy.
I too am skeptical and have been for years. We have 3 or 4 girls who are internet video stars but who never compete with top girls. The story is always the same, juniors are a waste and we are going pro.

A cynic might think the real reason is that dad wants to create and keep hype going without the bubble being burst by actual top competition.

After all, we have all seen kids who look like world beaters in a practice setting and who can not win a thing vs a real opponent with nasty intentions!

We all remember Jan Silva who looked at age 4-5-6 on video as if he would be destroying 10 year olds by age 7. He had academy training, personal massage, every advantage. Had pretty strokes with fed balls. Yet in the Norcal local tournies he has proven to struggle. Maybe one day he will turn into a great player but his videos showed the vast difference between practice and reality.

Practice players vs real players.....every parent must suck it up and find out if you have the former or the later.

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