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Originally Posted by Number1Coach View Post
One minute you people say the 10's and 12's are meaningless and proves nothing then you say the Williams girls dominated the 10's and 12's then they were pulled out.

My question is how are these kids who by-pass the younger age groups doing anything wrong or do they have to dominate the 10's and 12's then they are on the right path ?

Do the 10's and 12's matter TCF or not ?
It all depends. The girls mature way earlier than the boys so you can learn much about a 12 year old girl in competition than you can a 12 year old boy.

Also, what sort of 12s? A girl becoming top 10 in Rhode Island? Or a girl owning the 12s in SoCal?

But nonetheless, being the top USTA kid in the 10s and 12s does not mean a whole lot in terms of who will succeed in the pros.

But that was a different discussion.

This one is that these dads have all said they are "following the Richard Williams" model. Thats not true. His girls played juniors for a good long time.

These dads apparently plan to bypass all juniors, 14s, 16s, 18s, ITF, everything.

Do you know any top pros who played no junior tournies at all?

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