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Thought I would revive this thread since I've been hitting with this frame for the past 4 weeks or so.

I restrung this at 75lbs (was very scared of breaking the frame since its so old, but on the side of the racket the tension recommendation is 65-80, so I thought I would go for the upper range which is what I usually do with new frames) with topspin Cyber Flash 17 string.

For the past year or so I've been hitting with the K90, also with topspin cyber flash at 90.

I find this frame to be far more forgiving from the baseline, probably because it is a little lower powered compared to the k90. I feel like I can swing for the fences and keep the ball inside the line. Topspin generation is great, slightly better than the k90, but it doesnt have as good plough through, so you really need to work hard in baseline rally's to make sure you're taking a full swing at the ball. You need to really get this frame moving to take full advantage of it. Its very comfortable swing from the baseline too, probably because of its flexy feel and composition. Mishits dont reverberate through your arm and you can really feel the ball coming off the strings when you connect flush in the middle.

Volleys are amazing. So so solid and so crisp, I feel like i simply cant miss when I connect on the strings. I think the weight has a lot to do with it. I have no idea how heavy it is, but it feels like its around 12.5 maybe, so slightly heavier than a stock k90. Best racket for volleying i've ever used.

Returns are also very good with this racket. Again the heavier weight is a big help, and if you connect on the strings and have any kind of forward momentum, then the ball is going to have enough to make it over the net. Again its very good if you swing early enough to connect with a full swing.

Serving was probably its weakest area. Its quite good at generating spin, my kick serve had quite a lot of juice, and my slice serves were veering off all over the place, but I just couldnt generate the same kind of flat pace as I could when I use my k90 (or iPrestige previously). I'm not sure why this is, could just be because of the really high tension I had it strungat. After playing a few sets, I noticed I couldnt hold as easily or get as many free points while using this racket.

Overall its a great frame, and i think i'll keep playing with it for a while until I really get a good feel for it and see what it can do when I'm really grooved with it.
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