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Originally Posted by Number1Coach View Post
I think we can all agree that true athletic freaks look something like Hinges or Henin ,,,,,,,,,

These 2 not only were a lot smaller then the Williams sisters but were able to dominate them back to back at tournaments-----------

In fact Hinges and her mom had many arguments over here not wanting to do off court training like the Williams were doing ,,,,,, This I believe could have elevated Hinges to a completely different level then all the rest of the field ---------------This we saw in another great athlete such as Martina Navratolova.
These are great, healthy and fun debates. The Williams sisters are phenoms with Serena arguably being one of the best female players of all time. Serena is a massive freak. She's strong, athletic, and a fierce competitor. They have spoiled us the last 17 years and will be sorely missed when they leave the game.

I would not categorize Hinges as a freak. Maybe off the court (referring to her nickname of the Black Widow), but Hinges would not not dominate today's game. Her second serve was a pair of two's - total bluff - and would be exposed by the bigger hitting girls of today, training or no training. Now Henin, she's a different story. Pound for pound, the best I've seen.
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