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360 rotations are important because it allows the operator access to swing the racquet 360 degrees without obstruction allowing all sides of the head to be accessible.
I doubt if people would still choose for a 360 degrees when they would know that the accuracy of the machine goes down. This message from another thread proves obviously that it makes a noticable difference.

rich s
dawg, I have to disagree with you on that one..... when i first got my Wise I adapted it to work on a 602FC and designed the adapter to allow for 360* rotation.....

I maximized the gripper height to allow 360 rot but the pulldown angle was significant enough that my racquet felt nothing like what it did prior to the modification and was unplayable IMO.

when I revised the adapter to achieve a straight pull (and subsequently lost 360 rot) the reference tension as a dropweght with the wise adpatation produced results that were indecernable (sp?).....

Since speed is important for me, I would purchase the 2 point mounting system which leaves the Prince 1500 and Gamma 6004.
The good thing about inside (direct) support is that the stress in the racquet is lower than with indirect (outside) supports (6 point).
In contrast with what a lot of stringers think, the outside supports introduce stress in the racquet, that would not be there without the outside supports.
The reason for this is that the force of the outside support has to be transferred to the position of the main strings.

Even Babolat admitted once that inside supports are better but there is no way back once you have supplied so many machine with the opposite philosophy.
A direct system with inside supports is called direct because the supports push the racquet outwards in the position where the mains pull it inwards.

I would like to call the systems direct and indirect instead of 2 point vs 6 points.

There are direct systems with 3 (Ektelon), 4 (SP) and 5 (Stringway) supports.
You never here about problems on inside supports.

I would be looking at the Prince 1500, Alpha Apex II, Eagnas Plus 6500, or the Gamma 6004.
I do not understand that you would like to buy another Lock out.
Would you not like to step over to stringing on stiffness once?
Do you measure the SBS after stringing?
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