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Originally Posted by Kam2010 View Post
If it was a policy breach then a warning should of been given, not delete the damn thread. Anyone noticed any other threads that have dissapeared?
Originally Posted by baseline_monster View Post
That is very gay!! One of the happiest threads here, everyone gets on and has a laff. Very harsh
Originally Posted by forthegame View Post
Policy breach? There were no warnings!
Originally Posted by mTm28 View Post
Well this sucks... Do you think it was because we were selling stuff between ourselves??
Come on guys. This is NOT the classifieds. Many of you used that thread to buy and sell, with no moderation. It had become increasingly abused, and we do not have the time to continually delete posts clearly breaking policy. The thread will not be cleaned up nor restored. If you want to continue this thread, that is fine, but any users trying to buy or sell product will be permanently banned. There's your warning.

Spencer, TW.

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