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Originally Posted by StJamm View Post
Firstly, TT is a free service so I don't think it is right of us to expect the staff to spend hours of their time pouring through thousands of posts.

Secondly, TWs rules on posting items for sale in sections other than For Sale/For Trade are clearly displayed in 'Board Policies':

5. (....) For sale posts and messages are permitted in the For Sale forum only. Posts in other forums will be removed and may result in the user being banned. No for sale posting or commercial links in signatures or user profiles.

I think we need to remember that this is an excellent forum that is provided gratis and we shouldn't expect the world from those that have the laborious task of keeping the site moderated.

I completly understand and agree that we should be grateful for this forum as we can freely post and advertise under the fs sale section on so forth.

What my PERSONAL point of view is, rather than deleting the whole thing, as spence stated "we do not have the time to continually delete posts clearly breaking policy"
I am not asking them to do that, it would be better for there to be a thread pinned so everyone can see that this section is not allowed for selling or trading etc most importantly the new members and for them to only post in the fs section.
What you got to understand is new users may just come in here and post there first reply and say looking to sell so and so.. He might not of even been to the fs section.

I think it would be easier to keep a thread pinned at the top of the odds and ends section reason being its a reminder for everyone, not just those reading this page at this moment in time. Now that I know we can not post to sell items here, several pages in there would be another person who is new to it who will post to sell something, obviously we would tell him its not allowed but TW Staff will have to go and delete the post...

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