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Originally Posted by baseline_monster View Post
Technically I prefer your backhand mate, nice swing and your hit it smooth. Your forehand is a loopy swing. Looks like you take the ball a bit late and fall back sometimes but looks like you hit a heavy ball? I am going to record me next week. Good to get some feedback. Nice one bro
Cheers for your feedback baseline_monster, yeah most people who have seen the video and my coach says my backhand is my strongest shot (and I feel the same way). Going to try and work on shortening the forehand a bit (easier to time?) and getting my body weight foreward (more aggressive). About the heavy ball, not sure if its because the balls were heavy (flat) , but I think I do hit a relatively heavy ball, particularly on the backhand.

Yeah it's definately worth recording yourself and getting some opinions. I'de have never noticed how big my forehand swing actually is. Looking forward to seeing your video.

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