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Originally Posted by nguyen320 View Post
I don't think that the different versions are much different, they just add some more stuff to make it better for the customers.. Nadal plays with what is comfortable for him, and we should too.
Compared to all the racquets and technologies there are today, if a club player were to pick up the original APD and then the APD-GT (given that we didn't know which one Rafa really uses) then the player would most likely pick the ADP-GT due to less shock, and less torque due to the cortex and GT.
The only reason why people are so unhappy, example: is because they WANT to use Nadal's gear just because he uses it but by no means is going to make them play like Nadal.. but only (maybe) make them feel something on the racquet that they like and then say "wow so this is why Nadal is so good". When people pick a racquet because a pro uses it, they normally arent educated enough to know that the pro actually doesnt use that racquet. Even if they use the same model, even if they take it off the stock shelf, it will most likely be customized for the pro, with lead tape and so on. So if players really want to be similar to a pro, they should be customizing their own gear and fitting it towards their own styles, not the pros.
I agree with the spirit of what you're saying, but some of the facts just aren't correct. The GT version of the APD is notably and measurably stiffer than the previous two versions. This is a very real physical difference and a result of a different layup. This doesn't mean that one of the versions is better than another, but the original is definitely very different in terms of how it plays from the GT version. On a basic RA scale, the difference can be about 5 points, which is considerable.

For the above reason, your statement about shock is actually a bit backwards, as the stiffer frame will create more shock, despite how it may feel to you personally, or how marketing may be positioning things.

You're dead on about the benefit of choosing your equipment based on one's own game rather than just copying an idol, though.
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