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Default T-2000 still a fine racquet

I started playing tennis again last year after a 27 year layoff. I still had 2 of my T-2000's from the 70's (with a 1980 or 81 string job). I went out and bought a cheap Wilson Federer and didn't like it at all. I pulled my trusty T-2000's out of moth balls and started hitting with them. It still hit like a baseball bat and actually improved my game from the cheap Wilson (go figure).

I played in a league with them and didn't do too bad considering how rusty I was and the fact that I was playing with an ancient racquet. I did get a lot of strange looks trotting out onto the court with my steel racquet and my Rod Laver shoes (which Adidas is making again!). But I also got quite a few compliments on my shot-making with "that tiny racquet".

I think I may have one restrung to see what that will do.

I currently use the Dunlop AeroGel 500 Tour. I demo'd quite a few racquets, but it felt the most familiar to the T-2000. I have added lead tape to make it heavier like the old steel trampoline. Still, nothing feels quite like taking a hard, fast, high (two-handed) backhand shot on the rise with the T-2000 and rifling it back over the net to the disbelief of your stunned opponent.
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