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Originally Posted by JavierLW View Post
You say you dont want to play a guessing game, yet you wrote a post where you threw every idea out there possible including ones that you dont know anything about.
That is B.S. It's called troubleshooting. You take a problem (what info is available, anyway) and try to break it down into possible solutions.

Originally Posted by JavierLW View Post
And he didn't say anything about synthetic gut tension being way off at least not in this thread.
Already addressed.

Originally Posted by JavierLW View Post
It's kind of frustrating that anytime anyone either has an Eagnas or asks about one, a bunch of know-it-alls have to sit and quote on the basis of "perception".

And that makes that one comment you made NOT helpful in any way whatsoever since after all this guy HAS boughten an Eagnas and you have no idea if they really have a tensioning issue or not.
You missed the point about perception and to what that comment pertained. Why are you so wrapped up in Eagnas? You say, "I just bought a machine from them with many of the same features and having never strung a racquet, Ive been able to string 5 already in a few days. It worked fine." I'd say that is limited in itself. Eagnas can defend itself. Have you ever read Eagnas' brilliant (and comical) FAQs pages?

The comment is perfectly helpful if there happened to be any mechanical problem for which he would need "customer service."

And my intention was not to hijack the thread, ladies and gentlemen of the forum.
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