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Originally Posted by Radicalized View Post
That is B.S. It's called troubleshooting. You take a problem (what info is available, anyway) and try to break it down into possible solutions.
I use troubleshooting all the time, what you are doing is what amounts to what is someone's usual poor attempt at it.

Step one is to figure out what's going on. Not to just throw out every random idea out there. That's what people do when they truly have no clue where their audience even is. It would be better just to continue to demand that you receive some sort of understandable coherent description of the problem.

I didn't miss the point on perception, you keep making it more and more obvious as to what it is.

And I have read their FAQ's, and I saw that stuff probably 10 years ago when he put it on there. They are comical, but back then the Internet was a lot different and it wasn't meant as necessarily some form of great advertising.

That entire website stinks of 1999 style websites, it's funny when you click to purchase something it pulls up a more modern looking one but they didnt replace the original.

Just because it made you blush, and you feel it's negative, doesn't say anything about the actual machines themselves.

If anything the people that he quotes in those things look foolish just as much as he did, that's why he put them there. Whether that's really good marketing or not is another story, but again that says nothing about the quality of their machines.

(and maybe plenty of their machines are bad, but it would be good to hear that from people that have bought them, not from people that engage in hearsay, or "perception")
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