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I went on the BBB website and you can do more then just look at the grade. He has a F because he didnt respond to 7 complaints. They could of been silly complaints for all we know.

You did read the website, you can see how many people out there ask him for things that he simply does not provide, like measuring parts for machines that they did not buy etc... That's the whole reason he made that silly site.
If they are so horrible then why are these people asking him for this in the first place, obviously Gamma will not measure their parts if you want to buy something for an Eagnas machine....

But again at least you admit you dont know anything about their machines, you are just applying to hearsay, perception, and your own personal feelings about the company's poor marketing or customer service. Hardly any of those are of help to someone who's actually trying to use a machine that they already bought...

It was fun....
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