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Originally Posted by Rabbit View Post
The week I strung for her, she broke two a day. I noticed on her frames that they had been strung so many times that there was a line where the paint was worn off by the string crossing the frame at the 4 and 7 o'clock positions...
Just curious 'Rabbit' why does the string cross the frame at 4 and 7 o'clock?

As to the original quesiton I do not think stringing puts as much stress on a frame as playing does depending on the stringer. When you pull a string at let's say 60 pounds and clamp it off that means it is still pulling at that tension (let's assume.) When you run the next string and pull tension and move the clamp the point where the string turn 180 degrees now has 120 pounds of tension (60 from each string.) If you add up all those turns there is a lot of stress on the racket but it is all pulling in so the racket has equal pressure all around so it does not collapse on itself. When you hit the ball (depending on the ball speed, where the ball hits the stringbed, and you) there is a trememdious amount of pressure on some strings and not so much on others. Therefore I think playing puts more stress on the frame. Let's also assume that your frame does not do anything wrong and you do not have to punish it also. LOL

But I think stringing puts a lot of stress on the grommet system. If you are a playing that strings a lot or you hit the court a lot with the frame and wear out the grommet you may need to get a sufficient supply of grommets to last as long as the frame will.

If you take care of the racket, and its components, (like the strings grommets, and grips) it should last a very long time.

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