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Originally Posted by dgdawg View Post
Javi-I think this thread is getting WAY off topic. I can tell you from experience, Victor (Eagnas) doesn't give a Rats Azz about his customers or anyone trying to purchase Eagnas parts.
I've spoken to him a dozen times or more. He's a nice enough guy, but he doesn't care!
I've owned 2 SP machines, an Eagnas Comet 11, built and Alpha Equinox, and now my current machine. The Comet and Equinox APPEARED to have the exact same tables, till you actually saw them up close and used them. NO comparison. Mark @ Alpha spent a crap ton of time on the phone with me BEFORE I even spent any money on Alpha. He even suggested maybe Alpha wasn't the machine for me!!
Vic, on the other hand, flat out told me, quote: "you're an idiot to spend more for the same thing. It's your money, man" end quote.
Ha ha....OK. It was a $600 mistake.
Ppl ask him for his parts because they're 1/2 the cost of anyone else's parts.
You specifically mentioned Gamma not measuring there parts for a competitors machine. NOT TRUE!!!!
I hated the clamp bases on my Comet. I called Brett @ ATS (a Gamma Rep) trying to get a decent CB for the Comet. He went out of his way to measure AND email me a spec sheet on 2 diff Gamma clamp bases to use on my Comet. (they wouldn't work)
I scrapped the Comet, built the Equinox, and then bought a Star 5.
So...I'm not trying to be disrespectful...AND, with all due respect to you, my friend, I think you, as well, are commenting on things you really don't know much about. (I say this in all sincerity!!)
A lot of other machine company rep.'s were willing to sell me their parts full well knowing the part wasn't for their machine. Vic (Eagnas) won't.

Lets kill this "off topic" discussion and get back to helping.

Back on topic: poly's shouldn't tension any differently than any other string, poly's just have less elasticity. I have to think the OP just needs to factor that in, and adjust the d/w arm/clutch to accommodate for this.
Well the topic wasnt going anywhere anyway, the guy cant explain his issue. (although I think you and I both agree on what his issue is)

At least you have some first hand experience, thank you for that.

But still, he doesnt have to sell or measure anything, that's not really the basis for suggesting that the machines are broken or do not operate correctly. (did your machine actually work, other then you didnt like the table??)

So maybe he is hard to deal with and and his people skills are horrible? That doesnt mean that we need people throwing information out there that they dont have experience with. (that they have tensioning issues or whatever....)

That's not useful for the consumer because a lot of us do not care about that, we just want to buy something that works that is affordable.

If we have people on here that have actually bought one and they say they cant string a racquet with it or it's broken that would be more useful then this other guy who's spouting off about "perception".

Thanks for the story though, that was good information to know.

I just bought one like I said with many of the same features as this guy's, and it seems to work just fine for what Im doing with it.

Although they seem to have a LOT of different models with the same features and I am unclear as to what the difference really is from their own website.
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