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Originally Posted by Kaptain Karl

1 a. - Serve & Volley

1 b. - Chip & Charger

1 a & b ^^^ “ought” to be self-explanatory. If they are not, let’s get more detailed.

Pro Examples of Attack the Net: Martina Navratilova, Tim Henman. [I don’t see Dent as a “pure” Attack the Net type because he spends a significant portion of his Receiving time as a baseliner.]

- KK
I agree that SV tennis has the 2 variants for returning serve. Resedski would be the prototype all attacker since he does not have the ability to hit return of serve winners. Edberg and McEnroe also fit this category. A player like Dent can blast return winners so he prefers to stay back rather than chip/charge. This was the style for the majority of the old school champions like Budge, Vines and Kramer.
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