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Hate to say my initial impressions were wrong...but I was wrong.

Initially, I didn't like the balance of this thing. So, I took the cushioned grip off (as I often do), built up the butt of the handle with some tape, and wrapped it with a couple of TournaGrip II's. I think on one of them I put a little lead tape on the butt. I have 3 now.

Strung with Klip Legend natural gut 17 guage this thing is now quite a beast and is replacing my PT 630 as number 1 racquet because it's much more spin generating and otherwise pretty similar. The one thing not quite so great is the serve, but I'm working on that. But, all in all, I am playing better than ever with this very solid and spin friendly club of a racquet.

Wow, that was quick. I thought I had a really long term relationship going with my discontinued and rather expensive Head PT 630's. Their dense string patterns have proved to be a limitation for me.

But, then I did get over my first wife. Second one's better.
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