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Very nice job KK,

You beat me to the punch, I was about to post the game-styles as described in "Serious Tennis" when I saw this thread. (I knew I should have checked w/ you first).

Originally Posted by LoveThisGame
From the USTA Newsletter for Coaches, there are four playing styles:

Style Example

Counterpunchers Guillermo Coria
Agressive Baseliners Serena Williams
All-Court Players Justine Henin-Hardenne
Serve and Volleyers/Net Rushers Tim Henman
These are much broader definitions. Here's how "Serious Tennis" breaks game-styles down:

1. All Courters (Federer, early Sampras, Hingis)

2. Attackers
2a) Big-Serve Attackers (Ivanisevic, Flipper, Roddick)
2b) Net Crushers (s&v/c&c) (Edberg, Navratilova, Rafter, later Sampras)

3. Attacking Baseliners
3a) Big-Forehand Baseliners (Lendl, Graf, early Agassi)
3b) Heavy Topspin Baseliners (Nadal, Mauresmo)
3c) Pure Ball-Strikers (Connors, Evert, Kafelnikov, Davenport, Pierce, later Agassi, Safin, Sharapova)

4. Defensive Baseliners
4a) Counterpunching Baseliners (Hewitt, Chang)
4b) Junkballers (Brasch, Santoro)
4c) Moonballers
*Doesn't exist on the pro-level as per the author.
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