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Originally Posted by Kaptain Karl
Yeah. I like Rusedski and Edberg for that model. Good ones.

I'd argue Mac was some sort of "type" of All Courter. He could play lots of ways. (But he *mostly* played Attack the Net.)

Cool! This falls into the "You learn something every day if you're not careful" category. I never knew *what* Dent was thinking on his Returns. (Frankly, he'd better work on that. His "blast" Return isn't that good, IMO.)

Thanks for the input, joe.

- KK
Greats posts KK !
Thanks for adding Rafter, he was about my favorite attackng all out SV game, along with Edberg.
Your correct that Dent is not playing smart enough.
He has had top training from all the aussie friends of his father Phil and the potential is scarry. Would love to really see him revive that style and effectiveness of some of those boys !
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