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Originally Posted by L10-11 View Post
I'm looking at upgrading my Gamma 6004, and I was thinking about the new Gamma 6900 or the Alpha Odssey. What are the thoughts about these two machines. The real question is the electronic's, if that fails you have a rock. The last thing any of us stringers want is to have to send the machine in for repairs. The Gamma is about 1800, and the Alpha is about 2200, the Gamma comes with more, so it comes down to quality, with the price difference.
Get a Wise 2086 Tension Head and the Gamma Adapter (both sold by TW).

You will have the crank mechanism from the 6004 as a back-up IF you ever have to have the Wise sent in for repair AND you won't have to hassle with selling and shipping your 6004.

I have the exact set-up (6004 + Wise) I am describing to you.... it works flawlessly

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