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Originally Posted by Dino Lagaffe View Post
Fresh off the RDC-machine:

Racquet/Static weight (g/oz)/Flex/Swingweight/Balance cm

Donnay Pro One Int'l OS 347/11.73/63/316/32.25
Estusa Pro Legend Classic 333/11.26/69/327/32.5
Prince Spectrum Comp 90 Ltd Ed (I) 341/11.53/65/337/33.5
Prince Spectrum Comp 90 Ltd Ed (II) 346/11.70/65/317/32.0
Puma Davis Cup (Super Mold) 348/11.77/56/316/32
Rossignol F100 367/12.41/45/339/32.5
Rossignol F295 357/12.07/56/338/32
Wimbledon HM-88 316/10.69/57/328/34

Apart from the Estusa I haven't played with any of the racquets I just measured. I'm especially eager to try out the F295, since I've had a NOS one for ages that I never dared to string up...
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