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The last main is going to have less tension because of two reason. First because of the drawback when the tension head is removed and second because of the untensioned string between the knot and the clamp. If you are using two piece stringing there is not much you can do about either but if you are stringing one piece there is a lot you can do. Never tie off a main string.

If you use the short side to run the top cross the mains strings will hold the clamp in place better and you will have less drawback when the tension head is removed. If you are using a drop weight you will more than likely be using floating clamps and the twisting action causes more problems. Also if you tie off the top cross you will have a shorter distance between the clamp and the knot so you will have less drawback.

To tie off the top cross it is easier if you have a starting clamp. Use the short side to run the first cross and hold it with a starting clamp on the outside of the frame. Now use the long side string to run the second cross and use the clamp that was holding the short side to clamp the second cross. Tension the top cross again and remove the starting clmap then use the clamp from the long side to hole the top cross. Tie off the top cross and continue to string your crosses.

If you have a racket where the mains end in the throat no problem. Use an ATW pattern. String all but the two outside mains using the short side to run the second cross, and the long side to run the third cross. Make sure you skip over the grommet holes for the two outside mains. String the crosses all the way down to the outside main grommet holes. Then run the outside main up, top cross over, and outside main down. Weave the remaining crosses and tiw off.

The outside mains will always feel looser because there is nothing outside them to deflect the crosses to hold the outside mains in.

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