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Mahboob - You and I are probably of the same "tennis era." (I'm 49.) The more I thought about the classifications you describe -- and to which I used to, also -- the more I realized how today's players simply don't *see* the "included ins" that we were accustomed to.

Originally Posted by Mahboob Khan
1. Serve and volleyer (this also includes chip and charge, and Attacking Style of Play).
But this really doesn't describe the (very common) player who ... when Serving, plays S&V ... but when Receiving, plays Baseline.

3. Aggressive Baseliner (like Agassi who can pound the balls from the baseline and put any ball away for winner that lands short either in the mid-court, in the right zone, or in the left zone).

4. Defensive Baseliner: Who simply returns the ball via a topspin; does not go for winners, no approach shots, no net).
There are too many variations on the Baseline game today. These, which served us so well in the '70s, are inadequate.

But as stated in my OP -- reasonable minds can differ. I'm not insisting everyone conform to my classifications.

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