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Last post on this. Don't want anymore people getting their Red Star undies all in a bunch.
I'm looking at a Wilson that says "Designed in the USA", made in China. I do look forward to the day that American companies will be allowed to once again make a profit, and not have to outsource production to countries halfway across the world because of the increasingly hostile attitude the US government takes to private industry. Not that I care, the racquet I use says designed in France! Vive le Babolat!
I already said I love Hong Kong, and Kowloon, and can't wait to go back, both part of China. I don't bash China, I love the people, the food and the culture. However I'm not so fond of Communist China. Aside from their own shortfalls, it's hard to snuggle up to a country that props up a country like North Korea and allows the population of an entire country to suffer in ways no human should. Any country who has to blackmail the world with threats of war in order to receive ship loads of wheat to feed it's people is a disgrace. I don't know, call it a friendly rivalry.
As far as the U.S. military designing, testing and producing equipment in China, like Wilson.....Well since we're just making stuff up today, how's this? Cats walk on two legs and dance the night away wearing pirate shirts on Sundays just like Filipinas in a Hong Kong nightclub.
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