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Originally Posted by westpac690 View Post
However I'm not so fond of Communist China. Aside from their own shortfalls, it's hard to snuggle up to a country that props up a country like North Korea and allows the population of an entire country to suffer in ways no human should.
Props up to North Korea...LMAO
It is North Korea that's endlessly trying to please China so they have their food supply cut short. Everyone knows that nobody cares about North Korea, not even China. As for mentioning that the whole population suffers in the hands of the government, that's the most asinine thing you've mentioned so far. I'd suggest that you actually enter China and see before even blurting out the word "suffer."

If you must know, I'm an American of Chinese Descent. As a person with common sense, I never take anything from the media. Face it, these new Chinese sport brands will sprout and there's nothing you can do about it.
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