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Originally Posted by westpac690 View Post
Last post on this. Don't want anymore people getting their Red Star undies all in a bunch.
I'm looking at a Wilson that says "Designed in the USA", made in China. I do look forward to the day that American companies will be allowed to once again make a profit, and not have to outsource production to countries halfway across the world because of the increasingly hostile attitude the US government takes to private industry. Not that I care, the racquet I use says designed in France! Vive le Babolat!
I thought the reason why Western democracies outsourced manufacturing to China was because it's cheaper?

The wage bills alone in the West are said to hurt profit margins hence the move to the East. AFAIK it's a choice that big business makes and tries to cloud the argument by blaming the government.

'Developed' nations have 'developed' employment laws that stipulate minimum wage, working conditions etc. Till the West can compete, the jobs are gonna go one-way!
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