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Originally Posted by Dino Lagaffe View Post
Cesare, have you had a chance to string the SRD 95 up yet? Which string and tension did you go for? How did it play?
Dino,yes. i've strung the srd 95 two times.First, with my usual tecnifibre set up: black code 17 at 22,5 kg mains, x-one biphase 17 at 24,5 crosses. it doesn't work well, then i've soon cut it off. Second time, i went with the tecnifibre Nrg2 17 full bed, 24 mains, 23 crosses. Overall a great string, Imho. the racquet now hits very solid groundstrokes, with depth and accuracy. i also like very much the serve and volley with this stick. backhands are just like heaven. But in this very moment nothing can take me away from my 3 volkl c 10 comp mids. i'm just so in love with that german masterpiece..
Volkl Tour 10 Generation 1 Midplus. 353 gr, balance 32 cm, flex 62, SW 331
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