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Originally Posted by westpac690 View Post
A 24x30 string pattern on a 23 inch length racquet, 10 pts head heavy and weighing in at 15 ozs.
Designed to keep even the best player from reaching their potential. Because it's not fair that players born with God given talent like Nadal and Federer are allowed to compete against the common man.
One of the funniest posts I've read on these forums

Originally Posted by Live Wire VS View Post
That was totally unnecessary. Plus, your ignorance proves your stupidity.

What's wrong with a Chinese racquet brand entering market? Don't forget that every racquet company has their products manufactured in China.

Seriously, why can't people like you ever think of China without thinking of politics?
Don't get too wound up about this, lighten up. I'm chinese and I thought this was hilarious.
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