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I used to hit exclusively with kevlar because I'm a string breaker. With the advancement in polys I moved away from kevlar. But I've used all gauges of kevlar blends down to 19 gauge and have used Red Code also. I didn't find Red Code any stiffer than say a 18 gauge kevlar blend. So I think if Red Code bugged your arm, kevlar would too. I also did not find thinner gauge (17/18/19) kevlar setups to outlast polys. I was getting anywhere between 3-5 hours from kevlars before breaking. I get 6-7 hours from the polys I'm using now.

Obviously everyone's looking for a magic string that plays incredible and lasts really long. But you have to compromise in one to get the other. Looks like comfort is also a priority for you. I would say try out Polystar Energy 16. It's among the most comfortable polys I've used and has great power. I'm still in the middle of my first set of it so I don't know how long it lasts, but 3 hours for me so far. I also found Genesis SpinX, Pro Supex Blue Gear & Solinco Barb Wire to be on the softer side of polys, all of those last around 7 hours for me.
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