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Originally Posted by chunlimeyers
The main key to serving big is your elbow. Watch Ivanisavic BEFORE he serves, his elbow is stuck out pointing to his back fence. You have to STRETCH that elbow as FAR BACK AND STRAIGHT as you can(not down or up).. Think of if U are pulling a bow back. This AUTOMATICALLY stretches the chest and allows for a dynamic SNAPPING forward of all muscles involved. Toss the ball to somewhere to your right where all your bodyweight meets the ball, and your done! Oh, sure, I can serve 120 plus.. but, can't serve a KICK serve to SAVE MY LIFE!(too much force, too little "action" on the ball).. haha.. good luck. If anyone can figure that out to me, email me at

I bet you just need more twist and to bend back more, it really is a different techniqe but is very much worth your time.

I recomend that you just take some time to start spining some balls, slow it down and just try differnt spins.

I came to the conclusion that nothing beats spin, I don't even aim, don't have to as long as it has monster spin and hit in even slow, I'm good to go.
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