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Originally Posted by G Fizzz View Post
I've strung my racquets about a hundred times so I wanted to offer a cheap service to people in my tennis class at the local junior college. They're all friends and people that I've played aginst in high school. I tell them I can string their racquet for less than anywhere else in town because I really can. It's just like they don't believe I can do a quality job. How can I convince them that I'm not just some crap stringer?
Next time someone breaks thier string at your class, walk up to that person and ask if they know a stringer. Though a tennis class at a junior college usually does not have heavy string breakers, unless it's the tennis team. You also have to remember these are JC players, and they don't have a lot of money too.

Be competitive with prices and turnaround. Most Big box stores take at least 3 days to re-string a racket.
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