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Originally Posted by JavierLW View Post
This is aside from this guy's problem. (which again is that he doesnt know how to string poly on a dropweight)

But I doubt you KNOW that anyone is having tensioning issues. Especially by the simple fact that IT'S A DROPWEIGHT. It's not like you calibrate it or anything.

I just bought a machine from them with many of the same features and having never strung a racquet, Ive been able to string 5 already in a few days. It worked fine.

Im glad I didnt waste the extra $200-$300.

Apparently you'd just bought into the general rant about customer service in general, your final comment shows that.

This forum is better served by people who have honest experiences with products so buyers can make an informed decision, not by people who just spread what they've heard with no experience of their own with a product.

And again I have very good comprehension so it's not a communication issue to me, he's trying to pull Poly just like you would a multi and he's noticing that it wont stretch enough to drop the weight anywhere near horizontal.

Given that he has a linear gripper, that's the normal thing you would try to do given how that thing works and that he likely isnt aware of how a dropweight works with poly.

And I will be honest I do suspect that even if you know what you are doing, the linear gripper may make the job a bit harder the the rotational one with Poly, because you have to hold the string in it until it drops down. So while you are setting the string, you have to hold the weight in place with the other hand (so it doesnt fall down). That might be kind of cumbersome compared to the rotational kind where I imagine you just wrap the string around it and put it in the jaws while holding the weight.
I learned on and own (my sister is using it for herself and her friends back at home while she goes to med school) an Eagnas 940. I even spent $200 on the upgraded clamp bases which I admit was a complete waste of money. Even then, going from a crank machine to that to something like a Gamma Progression ST II or an Alpha Revo 4000 and it's like stepping into a different world of quality. The fit and finish are just so much better (the finish especially, but that isn't really that critical) even though the "value" may be higher.

I'm now using a Silent Partner Aria so I can fully appreciate the difference between a higher end machine and a middle road machine which is what the 940 is (price aside). With all of the same features in consideration (tensioner is excluded obviously as one is a crank and one is a constant-pull electric), the two simply do not compare. The turntable on the SP is smoother. The clamps grip better with less pressure. The clamp bases are not only sturdier, but do not need to be calibrated after every 12 pulls. The guide rails are like butter. The mounting system is another discussion altogether even though both are 6 point (the Eagnas does not allow 360deg clearance of the stick over the tensioner), the SP is in a different category.

The same can be said of all of the other analogous crank machines from the likes of Gamma, Alpha and Prince. You are paying more because you are getting a higher quality good. The stringer makes the stringjob a good one, not the stringing machine. However, a stringer with a higher quality machine will always do better work for if not because of actual stringjob quality, but because it just takes less effort and he/she can work just that much more efficiently.
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