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Originally Posted by pvaudio View Post
I learned on and own (my sister is using it for herself and her friends back at home while she goes to med school) an Eagnas 940. I even spent $200 on the upgraded clamp bases which I admit was a complete waste of money. Even then, going from a crank machine to that to something like a Gamma Progression ST II or an Alpha Revo 4000 and it's like stepping into a different world of quality. The fit and finish are just so much better (the finish especially, but that isn't really that critical) even though the "value" may be higher.

I'm now using a Silent Partner Aria so I can fully appreciate the difference between a higher end machine and a middle road machine which is what the 940 is (price aside). With all of the same features in consideration (tensioner is excluded obviously as one is a crank and one is a constant-pull electric), the two simply do not compare. The turntable on the SP is smoother. The clamps grip better with less pressure. The clamp bases are not only sturdier, but do not need to be calibrated after every 12 pulls. The guide rails are like butter. The mounting system is another discussion altogether even though both are 6 point (the Eagnas does not allow 360deg clearance of the stick over the tensioner), the SP is in a different category.

The same can be said of all of the other analogous crank machines from the likes of Gamma, Alpha and Prince. You are paying more because you are getting a higher quality good. The stringer makes the stringjob a good one, not the stringing machine. However, a stringer with a higher quality machine will always do better work for if not because of actual stringjob quality, but because it just takes less effort and he/she can work just that much more efficiently.
Right, I can see how all of that is true. I wouldn't dispute that.

In my situation though, I only really plan on stringing my own racquets, and I dont break strings so that's likely going to be every 2-3 months or so. It didnt make sense to spend much more then $300 and I wanted to get as many features as I could for that amount.

So I think the Eagnas does have a place for some people and you CAN do a quality job although I can see like you said that it can be a little harder sometimes. (the linear gripper for example seems kind of clunky versus how the rotational gripper works on other machines)
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