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Originally Posted by Kaptain Karl
Can you elaborate on this? I don't think their temperaments have more influence than their tactics.

Actually, I don't know how you can separate one's temperment from their functional style. (And this whole Temperament / Style / Interests thing actually IS what I do for a living....)

- KK
I don't think it's a matter of more or less influence so much as it's a matter of accuracy.

In fact, I think this whole exercise would do better with multivariable categorization, in the style of let's say Meyers-Brigg:

1) Where do they prefer to win their points? Baseline or net?
2) Do they take points, or do they collect donations (plenty of net rushers win on pressure, for example)
3) Does their body type match their ideal style of play (ie. Lindsey Davenport: no)
4) Can they adjust game plans midmatch? Do they even have a game plan? Do they make their living on instinct? (Wilander? Gonzo? Rios?)
5) Can they grind?
6) Etc.

I bet we could think of AT LEAST 5-10 more variable just off the top of our heads.

So does it work? Let's just take the variables above, and choose the last option for each: Net rusher, collecting donations, non-ideal body type for S&V, living on instinct, probably doesn't grind out matches. That description makes me think of Leander Paes.

Traditional anti-S&V dogma may or may not work against Paes. Knowing he doesn't like to grind, or is just a touch too short or short of reach at net, making him think about it - all that stuff would be at least as effective as the good old mindless, boring, return to his feet stand by.

How about picking all the first options? Baseliner, wins points, body type better for roaming the backcourt, can adjust plans midmatch, will grind if they need to. Sounds like a tough customer, but there's still a ton of difference between Wilander, Chang, Ginepri, Agassi, etc., which tells me there are other things we're still not considering.

You said it yourself, simply describing someone as a "baseliner" gets you Conchita Martinez, Andre Agassi, and every possible combination in between. You don't want just a hierarchy of categories and subcategories - you want a matrix.
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