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Originally Posted by cueboyzn View Post
Thats the reason I bought the previous one. It was marketed as "A rare and beautiful memento of Roger Federer's Career".

So despite the steep US$/South African Rand exchange rate, me, being a ardent Roger Federer fan, shelled out my $100 for that snazzy white/black/red K-factor bag with Roger's signature that he used for Wimbledon 2007, and was quite chuffed that I was one of the "rare" people who had one of the "only 500 of these bags" that were made by Wilson as a collectible item.

...That was until I saw it quite a few times. Even here in South Africa! I subsequently concluded that Wilson duped us Federer fans and this bag wasn't quite as "rare" as Wilson made it out to be.

So now Wilson comes out with another RF Exclusive bag, and let me guess, this one will also come out in "very limited quantity" as a "special edition" to "celebrate Roger's career". No thanks Wilson. I am very happy with my "previous edition" bag which Roger used when he won his 5th straight Wimbledon title.
If Wilson claimed only 500 were made (so as to push up the price) but then made more than 500, wouldn't they be liable to be sued?
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