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Originally Posted by Kaptain Karl
And, friends, I'd really like to keep this to current players. Of course we "old timers" can easily categorize Borg, Smith, Newk, Evert, King, etc. ... but if this methodology is to become useful, it must appeal and apply to the "modern" styles of play.
- KK
IMHO most of todays game has funneled itself into a very small variety of play. They have taken Conners attacking groundstroking play and applied topspin to it. Then they took the commentators comment, "why doesn't he come in off some of those penetrating groudstrokes?" and taken it to heart. Thus the All Court style of play. Mostly baseline, mostly topspin, penetrating groundies that hard courters will come in behind and finish off at the net. Clay courters just stay back and look for a chance to hit a winner. That seems to me to be the only two styles played by todays players.
Can any one come up with examples of modern players that don't play either one of these two styles?
Some will be more adventurous and hit harder, or more angles, some will be more loopy, but they all do the same thing. I think all of todays players would fall into the Baseline style then can be catagoriezed with in that style.
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