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I rediscovered the ppp90 about a year ago, and it's since become my primary stick (only stick really; I have several). I also regripped with leather; otherwise, it's stock (no lead). I like the old school weight and headlight balance, and the 14 mains are great for high rpms (and really fast string jobs)

However, i think the real notable characteristic on the power pro is the flex. I'm coming from the old Wilson 6.1 classic, and both groundstrokes and volleys had given me fits as I adjusted to the super flexy power pro. (elbow problems forced me to give up my 6.1).
I use MSV focus hex or similar in the mains and nylon in the crosses (mid 50s)

No doubt about it, the power pro is *not* powerful, but I love its sweet sweet feel. And so does my elbow.

However, if it makes you feel better, I've let a number of friends give it a test drive, and not a single person has even remotely enjoyed hitting with it.
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