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IIRC, this was Prince's cheapest full-composite (meaning, including throat bridge) frame for the North American and European markets from the late 80's. It was engineered down to a price, and very, very flexy... it was designed for recreational players. I remember hitting with them when new, and the floppy feel really turned me off.

There's "Good Flex" and "Bad Flex" among tennis racquets, and the Power Pro was one model I thought exemplified "Bad Flex," where its vibration shedding characteristic was that of low frequency (which is the good, non-buzzy, quick dissipation of the hit), but high amplitude (which is the rather unpleasant big initial recoil shock). The energy of the hit always dissipates in a compromise between amplitude and frequency, and they are usually inversely proportionate between each other and are, in broadest consideration, tied to the stiffness of the frame.
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